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The assistants behind the counter who had worked there for at least twenty years, could put their hand straight on whatever you wanted. Photo shared from Pinterest

The Humble Hardware Store

It was where your father and grandfather went when they needed hinges to fix a banging door, or to get a piece of cut glass to replace a broken window. You could buy half a dozen nails in a brown paper bag or a single bolt with a nut and washer and nothing was packed […]

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Franklin St in 1916, soon after the Sturt Statue was unveiled in December. Opposite is the Post Office building and in the centre is the Telephone Exchange. Picture: Francis Gabriel / State Library of SA B2158

Adelaide GPO and Telephone Exchange

IT has lain silent and deserted for years, and musty hallways and darkened rooms have gathered dust and cobwebs that covered the decaying infrastructure within. Still and soundless for so long, Adelaide’s original Central Telephone Exchange is about to bounce back to life and become part of a flashy new food and retail hub. Last week, […]

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Best of BB Boomer

The Best of Bob Byrne’s Boomer Columns

REMEMBER your first John Martin’s Christmas Pageant? Taking a ride in Samorn’s elephant cart? Leaving Rowley Park Speedway with lumps of clay in your hair? Or an afternoon tea with mum or grandma at Balfours Tearooms? Remember Amscol, Menz Yo-Yo Biscuits, Woodies lemonade, Burger King and the Lightburn Zeta car? What about Rundle Street before it […]

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Bread delivery by horse and cart. We are the last generation to witness horse and cart deliveries

More Memories of Deliveries by Horse and Cart.

Following the recent Boomer article in the Advertiser about bread deliveries by horse and cart (, many readers wrote in with their own memories of other home deliveries by similar means. We are possibly the last generation in Adelaide who will have such memories to share. By the time my own children arrived, the era […]

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