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Photo by ARW. On Golden Ponds was one of the first video cassettes we bought

“The Times, They are A-Changing”

Great article in today’s Advertiser from Petra Starke, about the demise of her local video store “Digital age has killed the video store”. She likened it to going to a funeral; “It felt like a funeral though, albeit a very casual one with popcorn and M & Ms for sale and the Rocky theme song as […]

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An anti-Vietnam War demonstration in Victoria Square, Adelaide, 1971. [National Library of Australia pic-vn4268191]

Adelaide’s Moratorium Marches

Did you take part in the moratorium marches in Adelaide from the late 1960s? The Vietnam War had its origins in the early 1950s when communist led North Vietnam attempted to re-unite with South Vietnam through military force. In 1960 the United States became involved in the conflict, firstly committing advisers and later sending in […]

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Hoadley’s Battle of the Sounds

Hoadley’s National Battle of the Sounds started in 1966 and attracted many of Australia’s top groups and bands from all around the country. It was a true a national competition with heats organised by local radio stations. The heats were held in the capital cities and country towns and bands worked their way up through […]

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Going to the Drive-In Pictures.

Ahhh…..those nights at the local drive-in! Remember how, as teenagers, there would be 6 of us crammed in the FJ or the Zephyr and one hiding in the boot, as we’d head off to the drive-in for some innocent fun and some hi-jinx and to watch a movie of course. Later, and a little older, it […]

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Kenny Peplow shared this photo; "Dad's FJ taxi (with water bag on the front) returns from a trip in the Flinders Ranges. As a kid where did your family take it's holidays?"

Childhood Memories of Those Motoring Holidays

Robert Verrall posted on the ARW Facebook page recently of some strong memories from his childhood years; “In the early 1970s we’d go to Edithburgh during holidays to stay with Nanna. She had the very first cottage you saw heading into the town. Easter was nearly always spent down there. My brother and I would […]

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Photo from. Trams line d up at the old Tram Barn in Angas Street

Remember When The Trams Ran Everywhere

ON March 12, 1954, the general manager of the Municipal Tramway Trust, Mr J.M. Keynes, released details of the new buses that were being introduced to replace trams in Adelaide. He added that the steps the MTT was taking to replace trams with fuel buses would “immeasurably improve the city’s transport service”. I’m reminded of […]

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Remember the Queen’s First Visit to Adelaide?

Who can forget the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s first visit back in 1954 when we welcomed the beautiful young queen and her handsome prince to Adelaide for the first time? Reports from The Advertiser on that day, March 18, 1954, estimated a crowd of some 200,000 people turned out for the start of her […]

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Photo from ARW Poster shows the stage with Daddy Cool performing and part of the 20,000 strong crowd

Adelaide’s Own Woodstock, The Myponga Pop Festival

It was held on a dairy farm on a hot summer’s long weekend in January 1971. In the quiet, sleepy town of Myponga south of Adelaide, thousands of music fans turned out for a three day long rock music festival that they say changed the Australian music scene forever. Inspired by the 1969 Woodstock concert […]

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Photo from Adelaide Now. You could feel the excitement in the air and you could hear the sound of the F1 cars right around the city!

Adelaide’s Great Race, The Grand Prix

There was a magical feeling in the air in Adelaide in late 1985 as the first Adelaide Grand Prix roared to life. That early November day was the culmination of years of planning and hard work going back to the early 1980s when businessman Bill O’Gorman originally came up with the idea of hosting a […]

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Photo; Wikipedia Commons. Remember the Redhen, holding the doors open to get some air on a hot summers day

The Redhen, An Adelaide Train

Redhen Railcars bring back many great memories of train travel around Adelaide from the 1950s when they first started to appear until they were finally dropped from our city’s transport system in the early 1990s. They weren’t the most comfortable trains, without any airconditioning and with vynil seats that stuck to your skin on a […]

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