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Photo courtesy of Dale Sanders. An original radiogramme with automatic record changer

From the Radiogram to the Walkman.

Vinyl records, radiograms, transistors and cassette recorders … what fun we had before computers! Vinyl record sales in Australia have increased by almost 100 per cent this year. It seems a younger generation has rediscovered the world of “fantastic black plastic” in the digital age. I asked one of  my (much) younger colleagues why he […]

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Photo by ARW. On Golden Ponds was one of the first video cassettes we bought

“The Times, They are A-Changing”

Great article in today’s Advertiser from Petra Starke, about the demise of her local video store “Digital age has killed the video store”. She likened it to going to a funeral; “It felt like a funeral though, albeit a very casual one with popcorn and M & Ms for sale and the Rocky theme song as […]

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