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Archive | November, 2014

Photo from Google Images. Early fridges had a small freezer compartment big enough for an Amscol brick of ice cream and needed defrosting regularly.

Remember ‘Defrosting’ the Fridge?

Remember the first fridge your family ever bought? Prior to refrigerators we had ice chests. The ice man would come every second day and deliver a big block of ice which he would carry with ice tongs (were they called pliers?) and deliver it into the top of the chest. Fridges arrived in the 50s […]

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Photo by Doug Colquhoun from Wikimedia Commons. The trolleybus system was part of public transport around Adelaide for roughly 30 years

Did You Ever Catch an Adelaide Trolleybus?

Can you recall the trolley buses around the city streets? Particularly in Rundle and Hindley Streets, which were always so busy but so narrow, and continuously packed with people, bikes, cars and trolley buses. Our trolleybus system was part of public transport around Adelaide for roughly 30 years from the 1930s to the late 1950s. During the Great Depression, […]

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Photo from State Library of South Australia.

Johnnies Christmas Pageant, an Adelaide Tradition

Remember going to your very first John Martin’s Christmas Pageant? The much loved event is now sponsored by the South Australian Credit Unions but the original ‘Johnnies’ pageant had it’s beginnings in 1931 when Sir Edward Hayward visited the United States and Canada and came up with the idea of a Christmas parade through the […]

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Teenagers jiving to rock'n'roll music in the 1950s

The Best Time to be a Teenager

Many baby boomers reached their teenage years from the mid-60s to the early ’70s, and what a glorious time it was to be a teenager! In 1964, Adelaide really came of age when over 300,000 people turned out to welcome The Beatles, and the local music scene was bubbling with enthusiasm and talent. Every weekend […]

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Photo from You Tube. Ross Higgins as Ted and Judi Farr as his poor long suffering wife Thelma.

“You’re Not Touching the Kingswood”!

Remember Kingswood Country, the Australian sitcom that screened from 1980 to 1984 on Channel 7? The show featured real Aussie humour and although it was seen by many as racist and sexist, it was in fact meant to mock those attitudes held by many Australians at the time. “Ted” Bullpitt was played by Ross Higgins, […]

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Are Youu Being Served. The TV show that remembered the era when customer service was part of every business

Customer Service, When the Customer Ruled.

Whatever happened to the personal customer service that was provided by the local shops and businesses in the 1950s and the 1960s? Most of it came to an end, of course, with the spread of the big supermarkets and shopping centres around Australia from the mid-1960s. Self-service with products stacked on shelves, shopping trolleys and […]

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Photo from Google Images. A length of thin rope attached to the same cans would turn them into a pair of stilts.

Games We Used to Play.

What were some of the games we used to play, growing up as a kid in the 50s, 60s, and 70s? Long before the ‘age of entitlement’, children had far less toys to play with, so we made do with what we had. Today it seems almost every kid is given more toys at Christmas […]

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Photo courtesy of Adam Lockhead. "“I can certainly remember those phones, quite often with the damn cord, cut, & only to drive/walk to another, hoping the same fate would not happen!"

A Time When Phones Were Just Phones

The telephone has come a very long way, just in our lifetime! In the 50s and 60s when very few residences had the phone connected, any necessary calls were made from a red public phone box, found dotted around the suburbs of Adelaide. Most had the phone book missing, had that faint smell of urine […]

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