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Archive | September, 2014

Photo; Wikipedia Commons. Remember the Redhen, holding the doors open to get some air on a hot summers day

The Redhen, An Adelaide Train

Redhen Railcars bring back many great memories of train travel around Adelaide from the 1950s when they first started to appear until they were finally dropped from our city’s transport system in the early 1990s. They weren’t the most comfortable trains, without any airconditioning and with vynil seats that stuck to your skin on a […]

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When TV Arrived in Adelaide

REMEMBER the tremendous excitement when television first arrived in Adelaide? It came in 1959, three years after it commenced in Melbourne and Sydney in time for the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games. The wait and build-up seemed to go on forever before TV finally arrived. Electrical retailers like H G Palmers, Ernsmiths and Saverys, attracted large […]

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Rundle Street Before It Became a Mall

Remember before the mall, when Rundle Street was open to vehicular traffic from King William Street all the way through to East Terrace? In 1976, then Premier Don Dunstan officially opened Rundle Mall as a pedestrian only thoroughfare from King William to Pulteney Street and Adelaide and (although there is some debate surrounding this), became home […]

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Nanette Mazey shared a photo and a memory of growing up in Adelaide while bread delivery was still by horse and cart; "This was take in the early 70's in Alpha Road, Prospect. I can't remember how often they used to come around." Great photo Nanette, thank you!

When the Baker Delivered Bread in a Horse and Cart

I remember before supermarkets and sliced bread in plastic bags, hot, fresh bread was delivered, unsliced of course, by the baker in his horse and cart. It may be a trick of nature, but it doesn’t seem all that long ago that the baker’s horse, a large, gentle creature that needed no guidance and was […]

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John Vincent during his SAFM days.

John Vincent. A True Radio Legend

Recently on Adelaide Remember When Facebook page, friend and former radio colleague Andrew Heslop shared some memories of the late John Vincent, radio star and a true legend in the industry. “Who remembers Vinnie’s Magical Misery Tours’?  wrote Andrew. “These were a big part of the SAFM Morning Zoo’s success as John Vincent led a […]

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Photo courtesy of San Remo Macaroni Company Pty Ltd Balfours Tea Rooms in Rundle Street.
A favourite place to have lunch in the city when shopping

Balfours Tea Rooms in Rundle Street

The name Balfours has been associated with Adelaide for more than a century. For many baby boomers the name conjours up a trip to ‘town’ with mum or grandma and a lunch in the tea rooms that remained a fixture in the city until 2004, although it had been sold by Balfours in the late 80s […]

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I was a packet a day kid!

Lollies From a Bygone Era

I’m sitting here remembering some of the lollies we used to have as kids back in the 50s to the 70s. There were Fags of course, the cigarette lollies that we used to buy in little packets and walk around pretending to smoke, like dad. I remember Columbines that came in a long blue packet and […]

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The Earthquake That Shook Adelaide 1954

On March 1st 1954 the Adelaide Advertiser reported that; “An earthquake shook Adelaide and a large area of South Australia for 20 seconds from 3.40am this morning, causing minor damage to buildings and shocking the population. Thousands of men, women and children were momentarily terrified by the noise of trembling homes. Celebrated South Australian geologist […]

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Photo fron Channel  10 (now Ch 7). The post  that  sparked attention to ARW. Fat Cat says "Good night boys and girls"

Adelaide Remember When Blog

Today we launch the Adelaide Remember When Blog The blog will be a permanent ‘home’ for some of the most popular posts appearing on the Facebook website over the past 18 months but no longer visible on the FB page Just click the image below to visit our new blog now!   ARW will continue on Facebook […]

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Apollo Stadium. Memories of Live Music Bands

JUST the mention of Apollo Stadium to almost anyone who lived in Adelaide in the 1970s will have them reeling off the international musical superstars they saw perform there over the decade. Some of the biggest names on the planet strutted their stuff to sellout audiences on the makeshift stage in a building originally designed […]

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