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Archive | December, 2014

Photo from The Tram Museum Adelaide. A tram coming through the underpass on Goodwood Road at Millswood in 1956. Trams were Adelaide’s main form of public transport for some 30 years from 1925 until 1958 when on the 22nd of November that year the last tram left Victoria Square bound for Cheltenham.

You Must Remember This…..

ADELAIDE REMEMBER WHEN….The Book “Memories are better than diamonds and nobody can steal them from you”. So wrote Rodman Philbrick in “The Last Book in the Universe”. This is a book full of diamonds, a collection of the most popular memoirs and photographs from the nostalgia lovers of the ‘Adelaide Remember When’ Facebook website, ranging […]

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Photo from unknown source.  Long before the street was turned into a pedestrian mall.

When a Photo Is Worth a Thousand Words.

Remember Adelaide in the 1950s and the 1960s? The population of the city back then grew from about 500,000 in the mid-50s to almost 800,000 in 1970, an increase of 60% in just 15 years. The photo below created great discussion on the ARW Facebook page when I posted it more than 12 months ago. […]

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