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Photo courtesy Anthony Harrison. Marineland at West Beach, many people have mixed emotions about this Adelaide marine park.

Mixed Memories for Marineland

Marineland was a marine park that opened at West Beach in 1969 and closed in 1988, in rather controversial circumstances. Feature attractions of the park were the performing dolphins and seals while another of the major drawcards was the famous pelican ‘Mr Percival’ from the movie ‘Storm Boy’. Even today, 30 years after its closure, Marineland […]

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Garbage truck 1970s

Remembering the Days of the ‘Garbo’

Every Christmas and New Year, it was a tradition to leave some beers out for the garbos….. I’ve just put up the garbage and it got me remembering back to a time when we had 3 or 4 garbos running up and down the street, dressed in footy shorts and singlet, banging and clanging the old […]

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Photo from Google Images. Like most single income families back then, there was never very much spare money about to spend on extras

Christmas Lunch in the 50s/60s

Dad killed the chook, mum plucked and stuffed it and there were real sixpences and threepences in the home-made plum pudding. Christmas dinner (lunch) in the 50s and 60s was quite different to today’s modern festivities. It would have been a couple of days before Christmas day that dad, having selected the chook that was […]

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Source Radio 5AD.  Popular radio personalities on Radio 5AD in 1964 included Eldon Crouch, Bob Francis and

Stacks of Wax and Platter Chatter

Adelaide Radio in the Late 50s and Early 60s The era of the radio dee jay emerged in the late 1950s. Television had just arrived in Adelaide and radio, which had been the dominant entertainment medium, suddenly found itself without its core audience. Until then, the staple diet of the wireless had been drama, light […]

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Photo from Pinterest. We might have thought it looked very 'cool' back then but now it's "ouch"!

Fashion in the 70s. Magnificent or…….?

In 1973 ‘The News’ Adelaide’s afternoon newspaper, took a look back at Adelaide in 1923 and compared the fashion and shopping in the city fifty years on. After another 40 years it makes fascinating reading to see how things changed and how much they have changed again; “In 1923 the scene was in and around […]

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A property developer built the bridge so St Peters residents could cross the river to access his land sale and catch the Walkerville tram

The Gilby Swing Bridge. A Real Piece of Our History

The long-term future of the heritage-listed Gilberton swing bridge remains up in the air, despite recent maintenance work. The bridge which is almost 100 years old is deemed to have rusty joints and to be in need of a major overhaul. The joint owners, the Walkerville Council and Norwood, Payneham and St Peter’s Council will […]

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we used to get a 'Progress Certificate' at the end of primary school, which then allowed us to 'progress' to secondary school

Random Memories of School.

The Advertiser carried a story recently about the average Aussie student of today. Starts the day with cereal, travels by car to school and relaxes by spending time online, favourite takeaway food is pizza or pasta, followed by hot chips. They are more worried about stopping bullying than any other social issue, followed by having […]

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